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Our Onychology Services

It seems there might be a slight confusion in the term “Onychology.” Onychology typically refers to the study of the nails, and it is often used interchangeably with the term “Nail Care” or “Nail Health.” However, if you are referring to a specific treatment related to nails, it’s essential to clarify the context or use the correct term.

Onychology Treatment – Nurturing Healthy Nails:

Nail Disorders Diagnosis:

Onychologists, or professionals specializing in nail care, are trained to diagnose various nail disorders. These may include fungal infections, ingrown nails, psoriasis, and other conditions affecting the nails.

Fungal Nail Treatments:

Fungal infections of the nails, known as onychomycosis, can be common. Onychologists can recommend antifungal medications or topical treatments to address fungal issues and restore the health of the nails.

Ingrown Nail Management:

Onychology treatments also involve managing ingrown nails, a condition where the nail grows into the surrounding skin. This can cause pain and inflammation, and professional care may be required to alleviate discomfort and prevent infection.

Nail Care and Maintenance:

Onychologists focus on overall nail health, providing guidance on proper nail care, hygiene, and maintenance. This includes advice on nail trimming, moisturizing, and avoiding harmful habits that may contribute to nail problems.

Cosmetic Nail Treatments:

Onychology treatments can extend to cosmetic procedures, such as manicures and pedicures. These not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the nails but also contribute to overall nail health by addressing cuticle care and promoting healthy nail growth.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Guidance:

Healthy nails are often reflective of overall well-being. Onychologists may offer advice on nutrition and lifestyle factors that can positively impact the health and strength of nails, including the role of vitamins and minerals in promoting nail growth.

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